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How to Create Lasting Change in 2020

By combining research, mindfulness, and experience, we’ve come up with a surefire recipe to help you commit to new routines and keep them! And remember, new habit formation doesn’t need to be reserved for January 1st; we can all start fresh daily.

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Creatures of the Night

There cannot be light without shadow. And into the shadow of the night we venture, where creatures of darkness strike fear into unprepared hearts. But you have the chance now to heed our warning, and may enter at no risk to health or spirit. Because Spirits there will...

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Boujee on a Budget

It’s party planning time! Be it a birthday, an anniversary, or just a fun, themed event, you can make this your best event yet. Who doesn’t want a party that's over-the-top and a little boujee, but doesn’t completely break the bank?  Here are a few simple tips that...

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